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Sibelco 3520: Nigra 10kg

Stoneware: A heavily grogged black clay perfect for hand building and sculpture.

Product Details

Unfired characteristics: A coarse clay body to touch, grey in colour when wet.

Working notes: Performs well as slabs although it will have rough edges due to the grog content. The addition of grog makes it especially strong for hand building and sculpture. The larger particle size will give it a textured surface when fired.

It will start to turn black at 1150°C and will continue to mature at higher temperatures.

The shrinkage is especially low for a body of this type.

For more on the clays glaze fits, see product attachments.

Texture – Coarse

Fired colour – Black

Ideal bisque – 999°C

Glaze range -1000°C – 1200°C

Shrinkage 1200°C – 5.5% (Please refer to Technical Data Sheet for further information)

Grog – 35%, 2 mm grain size

Available in either 1kg, 5kg, or 10kg

Ideal for: Hand building, raku and sculpture.

Find out more on food safety with clays and glazes here.


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