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Facts and Information to help you understand clay and its character.

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There are lots of resources out there that can help you understand clay, firing, glazes and other processes. We will try to assemble what we feel are really helpful on this page.

Why do Car Makers use Clay Models?

Car companies have built life-size clay models for almost 100 years, for nearly every car you see on the road. But modeling is an expensive process. Exotic luxury brands have admitted to spending over $650,000 for one model. So why do some companies still use up to 100 tons of clay each year?

The Cost of Firing

Here are five main factors to consider when evaluating the cost of kiln firing: Cost of Electricity How much is charged for the use of

What is clay?

This video covers where clay comes from (geology), what clay is (chemistry and mineralogy), and what makes it such a special material (biology, genetics, and chemistry).

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