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Firing Service

  • Bisque firing is 1000 degrees Celcius
  • All bisqueware must be clean, bone dry and without underglaze (slips and engobes are fine)
  • pieces with underglaze must be fired as glaze ware as it cannot be stacked.
  • All shared load glaze firing is at 1220 degrees celcius (cone 6)
  • We do not do earthenware or low temperature firing except in full private kiln loads (see prices below)
  • Our maximum firing temperature is 1260 degrees.
  • We have capacity to fire with a rapid turnaround of around 5 days both for full kilns and partial kilnloads.
  • 50 liter: 37cm diameter, 46cm high (max 1260C)
  • 100 liter: 53cm diameter, 46cm high (max 1000C)
  • 120 liter: 45cm wide & deep, 60cm high (max 1260C)
  • 220 liter: 55cm wide & deep, 70cm high (max 1260C)

Bisque Firing

All Bisque must be bone dry and made with commercial clays.

You must know the name, type and brand of your clay. No pieces will be accepted without this info.

 Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to fire wild or self-made clays. 

We bisque fire at 1000 degrees. 

All other temperatures are only possible for full kiln loads

Drop off during the hours below:

Monday: 12:00-18:00 (Vita/Ulyana)

Tuesday: 12:00-16:00 (Vita)

Wednesday: 12:00- 16:00 (Vita)

Thursday: 12:00-18:00 (Vita/Camille)

Friday: 12:00-16:00 (Vita)

Pick up is during these hours on completion.


*Minimum 5,00 euro/order

*5,00 euro/kilo or 2,5 a liter if the volume is more than 2 times the weight.

*Volume is length x breadth x height

*Weight is rounded up to the closest 250g

*No inclusions or solid forms

*No underglaze

N.B. We reserve the right to refuse pieces that do not meet our criteria or that we deem unsafe.

Glaze Firing: Stoneware

We only glaze fire at 1220 degrees celsius which is considered mid-range or cone 6.  All pieces should use cone 5/6 glazes only.

At this time we cannot accept any other temperatures unless you hire a full kiln (see rates below)

At no time do we fire higher than 1260 celcius.

All kilns have hotter or cooler areas so the actual temperature may vary between 1200-1240 depending on the density of the piece or where it is placed in the kiln.


*50 litre full kiln= 75 euro (incl. BTW)

*120 litre full kiln= 150 euro (incl. BTW)

*7,50 per kilo or 3,75 litre if the volume is more than 2 times the weight.

*Volume is length x breadth x height

*Weight is rounded up to the closest 250g

*Minimum 7,50 per order

No glazes or engobes containing lead or chrome oxide will be accepted.

Special Firing: Lusters Earthenware Porcelain

We are happy to fire full kiln loads at other temperatures to a maximum of 1260 degrees. Please visit us to discuss the possibilities or drop us a line to info@theceramiccentre.com 

You need know what clay and glazes you have used please make notes or take pictures for us. If you do not know then unfortunately we cannot accept your pieces.

Westeneng Kilns

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What Introduction to wood firing workshop

Where In the workshop and woodfired kiln of La Borneman pottery, in La Borne, France; a potters village known for its high fired woodfired ceramics.

Who Everybody who’s interested in high fired atmospheric firings/ceramics. There are 6 places available (participating in La Borne) or 4 places (participating in La Borne) and 4 half spaces (not participating in La Borne, just sending pieces with the participants)

When Possible dates:

  • 2 – 5 November 2023
  • 9 – 12 November 2023
  • Date TBA in 2024



The kiln has 6 places of 38x50xappr. 25 cm (LxBxH), or 4 full places and 4 half places. The height can be divided by kiln shelves.


The pieces can be thrown or sculpted of clay that can handle at least 1280 degrees Celsius, and need to be taken to La Borne bisque fired and glazed. The exterior of the pieces can be glazed by the provided glazes: 2 glossy (interior/exterior) and 1 matt (exterior only), the interior can be glazed with the glossy glazes or with a studio glaze good for cone 9 / 1280 degrees Celsius. It’s nice to keep parts of the pieces bare to see the effects of wood firing.


Thursday 9.00 – 22.00: Welcome, unpacking and wadding the pots at the kiln, loading the kiln. Preheating in the evening.

Friday 7.00 – 17.00: Firing the kiln to cone 9.

Saturday: Rest and looking around in La Borne.

Sunday 8.30 – 12.00: Unpacking the kiln and evaluation.

Tea, coffee, water and fruit juice included, no alcohol or meals. For safety and optimum results we don’t drink alcohol during the packing and firing of the kiln.


  • €1650,- ex BTW for the whole group for dates in 2023.
  • €1800,- ex BTW for the whole group for dates in 2024.
Learn more about Jeltje Borneman on her website linked below>

Class waitlist

Please fill out the form below to join our class waitlist. If a vacancy comes up we will contact you before the class.