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Obtaining a membership at the Ceramic Centre is simple and convenient, with a range of options available to fit your budget and needs as a ceramic artist or enthusiast.

Parttime Membership

€75 per Month with shelf

This option is for people who want to practice on an ongoing basis but who cannot commit to more than 16 hours practice time per month. You can spead your hours out or come for a full day. If you cant use all your hours this month then you can use them in the coming months. We want to make it as flexible for you as possible.

Especially designed for people who travel or those with fluctuating schedules. Extra practice sessions can also be purchased if you need more time.

*16 hours studio per month (flexible hours)

*does not include clay: purchase clay from us or use any commercial stoneware clay.

*includes glazes

*includes all bisque firing for items made in the studio

*includes 30 litres (approximately 5kg) glaze firing for items made in the studio

*includes access to all member facilities and activities

Minimum 3 months

30 day cancellation

€150 per Month

This membership option is for 16 hours per week during studio hours. If you cannot use all your hours this week or this month please let us know and you can save them for up to 3 months.

Designed for independent potters who want to be part of a ceramic community.  We encourage knowledge sharing, collaboration and coaching between members.

Mentoring, events and full access to the glaze lab are included free of charge. Full time members will also have discounted access to specialist workshops and training.

To become a full time member you need to be able to work independently.

*includes 64 hours studio time per month with open access to studio. You determine time and duration.

*does not include clay: purchase clay from us or use any commercial stoneware clay.

*includes glaze lab (with appropriate training)

*includes all bisque firing for items made in the studio

*includes 70 litres glaze firing for ware made in studio

*includes all members facilities and events

*includes mentoring and coaching

*includes gallery and online shop

Minimum 3 months • 30 day cancellation

Makers 24/7

€350 per Month

Our Maker’s Membership offers unlimited 24/7 access and a personal, branded studio space for production or practice. A dedicated wheel or personal equipment can be arranged for your convenience.

There is ample shelving for storage and full use of all facilites including all events, the Glaze Lab, lounge, roof terrace and kitchen

We have a limited number of spaces available please contact us to see what the possibilities are.

*includes 24/7 use of facilities

*does not include clay: purchase clay from us or commercially 

*discuss other possibilities for custom clays and firing

*includes The Glaze Lab and custom glaze formulation

*includes all bisque firing

*includes up to 100 litres glaze firing 

*discounted full kiln rates

*includes all member facilies and events

*includes mentoring and coaching 


Minimum 6 months • (€50 extra for private wheel) • 60 day cancellation

Class waitlist

Please fill out the form below to join our class waitlist. If a vacancy comes up we will contact you before the class.