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Owner Clay Lover

I remember my first time playing with clay — it was magic. 50 yrs later, I still love ceramics for its combination of art and craft, beauty and functionality, and accessibility for all. I work best around other potters and find inspiration watching them create. The Ceramic Centre helps bring potters together to share ideas and techniques, and find the path to producing their desired work.


Alchemist/Clay Magician

Camille Verbunt started as a digital designer, but discovered ceramics when he became a collector. He learned the craft and developed his unique style & techniques. In 2015, he started Made in Mokum to showcase his work. Camille also teaches throwing, glazing, and other ceramic techniques. According to him, becoming a better ceramic artist requires passion, dedication, and understanding of materials and techniques. He believes that even chemistry can be enjoyable when focused on making better work.




After a detour, I returned to clay. I have a degree in handicrafts and drawing and worked as a graphic designer. I missed working with physical materials, so in 2015 I returned to clay. Throwing on the wheel is a mesmerizing experience and transforming mud into a beautiful object brings satisfaction. There’s always something new to explore and create in clay. I prefer to give my pieces away.



Quest for perfect imperfection

In my work I find the tactile properties of ceramics important: the satiny and cuddly skin of Terra Sigillata and the robust rough texture of Raku-fired coarse chamotte clay.

I strive to emphasize contrasts by showing the coarse structure of the chamotte in fragile forms or by making robust-looking forms that are very light and fragile.

I was born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia, and now live in Haarlem where I have a studio at home. I have been working with ceramics for over twenty years. At first I was busy with hand molding and started to pay more and more attention to the tactile properties of the shard. This moved me to study glazes and then continue with ‘Nederlandse keramiekopleiding’ in Gouda and in 2017 I obtained my diploma as a ceramist. I developed a passion for turning techniques and  the twisted shapes with a special surface of the shard continue to intrigue me.


Gonnetstraat 9  2011KA Haarlem

KVK Nr: 37110231

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