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Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open?

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12:00-20:00
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-18:00

Can I stay later than the opening hours?

If you are a studio member you are free to come and go whenever you want.

Can I come if there are classes?

The member area is separate to the class area. Members are free to come and go at all times except if the glaze kiln is on due to fumes.

Will your hours change?

We are just starting out and we expect our hours to change over time, So far I am working on my own but as we get more teachers and assistants the hours will be adjusted. Members get access to the lockbox so they can be independent.

Will members be able to sell their work at The Ceramic Centre?

Yes we will be creating a display area in the front for makers and members. Makers will each get 1 shelf there and also an entire shelf unit at the back for their work. Members will have a 1/2 a shelf each plus they can rent a shelf for 25 euros a month in the shop if any are available.

Is there an online shop for members work?

Yes, there will be an online shop dedicated to makers and full time members work. The pieces will be purchased on our website but the potter who made the work is responsible for packaging and shipping of the work, if pieces from several potters are sold they will have to work together to organise shipping, The Ceramic Centre is not responsible for providing packaging .

Is there a selling commission on members work?

Yes there is a 20% commission paid on all sales. This is to cover all administration and rental costs. And of course the 21% BTW is paid to the government tax office.

Will there be clay, tools and supplies available to buy?

Yes we will carry a selection of clays that are compatible with our studio glazes as well as a selection of tools and other supplies such as the raw materials to make glazes.

We have a small space in the studio so the selection will be limited however we will order and deliver from Keramikos weekly.

Can non members sell their work through The Ceramic Centre?

No, only members of The Ceramic Centre can sell through the studio.

Is there free parking at the ceramics studio?

The parking is paid at the studio but there is free parking a few blocks away at the Action on Werfstraat and also free parking at Karwei and Kwantum. There is cheap parking in the Central Station parking lot which is a 10 minute walk away you can purchase a plan on the Haarlembereikbaar website.

here is a link to Seety …the green marked streets are free parking, this changes during summer months so be sure to check.

There is a bike rack in front as well.

Is the studio within easy reach of Haarlem Station?

Certainly. The ceramics studio is a 10-minute walk from the station, or a few minutes by bike. There are OV bikes at the station.

As an interested ceramicist, can I drop by and take a look around The Ceramic Centre Haarlem?

Yes of course please check for the open hours online and if you need to talk to someone it is always best to make an appointment first. I am usually there on Saturdays and Sundays. Camille is there from 12-6 on Thursdays.

I would like to buy unique pottery for the catering industry or private use. Do you produce pottery on commission?

We have makers that are producing custom work and would love the opportunity to collaborate on your project. If you have specific designs or ideas already please send them to info@theceramiccentre.com and we will see which potter is the best fit.

Is The Ceramic Centre available for private events or team building?

Yes it is. We will have areas or the full studio available for rent with or without instructors. However we will require one of our staff or makers to be on hand during the event for questions or issues.

How much does it cost to rent The Ceramic Centre?

The cost will be based on the number of people attending and whether we need to hire instructors. If you are a potter and want to rent space to run your own events or courses we have special reduced rates.

What is the capacity of The Ceramic Centre for private events?

We are not yet sure of the maximum number but we would like to limit the number to 48 attendees to start. We require 1 instructor/assistant to every 8 people.

If i miss a lesson?

If you where not able to attend on one or more lessons, you can make use of maximum two extra practice lessons

Can non-members use the kilns at The Ceramic Centre Haarlem?

Yes, for bisque it is 5,00 minimum and then we charge by the kilo or volume thereafter. Glaze at cone 6 is 7,50 minimum and charged by the kilo or litre thereafter. We have full kilns available as well.Please come by by appointment to discuss the possibilities.

Is there an assistant to load and unload the kilns for members?

All loading and unloading of shared kilns will be carried out by experienced staff members or teachers only.

For private firings the maker and the staff will work together for best practice.

I would like to fire my work at a higher cone than 5, say 7 or 8. Is that possible?

Special firings at all temperatures (both lower and higher) can be arranged. There is the possibility of hiring a whole kiln or sharing a kiln with other potters with work that needs the same firing schedule.

Part-time or full-time members can use The Glaze Lab. What does that entail?

The Glaze Lab is a fully stocked glaze making space for members who have followed the requisite glaze making course. Here you will be able to formulate, create and test glaze, underglaze or slip recipes. This space is of particular interest for makers who want to develop a signature decorative style or effect.

If I am not paying to use the glaze lab, can I still use it to apply my own glazes?

There is a general glazing area where members and students are free to apply their own store bought commercial glazes. This space is part of the main studio and is also stocked with free studio glazes. Please note that we do not allow home made glazes that are made outside of our glaze lab. At no time do we allow chrome based slips, underglazes or glazes in out studio as it damages the kiln elements.

How often does Camille offer glazing courses and what do they cost?

Camille is currently drawing up his course outlines and curriculum, members attend free of charge so that we build the studio knowledge base. We will have glaze courses available for non members later this year.

After having followed Camille’s course, are members allowed to mix and use their own glazes?

Yes, that is the whole idea behind the Glaze Lab. It is a space to foster experimentation and technique under Camille’s tutelage. Camille is the person who can verify that the formula and make up of your custom glaze is safe for the kilns and help you test and control the outcomes. If you want to make a custom glaze please work directly with Camille.

Is there a spray booth?

Yes. it is up and running.

In order to become a (full-time or part-time) member of The Ceramic Centre and to work independently I have to be experienced. What do you mean by that?

By experienced we mean that we expect you have a minimum of 40 hours clay experience in the specific area you wish to join. This would be the equivalent of of 2 – 3 courses. If you want to use the wheel you must be able to easily centre a minimum of 500g of clay. If you want to hand-build only then we can be more flexible.

The conditions state that members have to contribute to common studio tasks. What does that mean exactly, and how much time do part-time and full-time members spend on that, respectively?

We are first and foremost a community of potters and that means each member will have to volunteer for certain tasks such as social media, re stocking supplies or even mixing glazes.

Makers are required to do 30 mins per week or 2 hours/month.

Full Members are required to do 15 mins a week or 1 hour/month

Part-time members are not required to volunteer but are welcome to of course.

All members must be committed to cleaning their work stations to a proper standard. If a member repeated leaves a mess for others then they will be asked to improve. If that fails then their membership will not be renewed. Clay dust is dangerous!

Can I temporarily pause a full-time membership, or convert it to a part-time one, for instance when I am going abroad or have less time for pottery for a few months?

This is a possibility if you need to pause your membership for a minimum of 3 months but please keep in mind that a full membership is on a first come basis therefore potentially you might have to wait for a place as a full member on your return. However part time members will be given first priority to move to a full membership when space becomes available.

Members receive a discount on courses. How high is this discount, and can I take as many courses as I wish?

The amount of discount varies with the type of course or workshop as well as the membership level.

Makers will receive 15% off general courses
Full Members will receive 10% off general courses
Part-time Members will receive 7% off general courses.

Specialist workshops or masterclasses will be discounted in collaboration with the instructor.

Is there a punch card or a similar system to come in and work occasionally for experienced ceramicists?

Yes, it is called practice sessions…you can buy them on line.

Are there members-only courses on offer, or do I register for the regular courses?

We are still working on our course selection but members will always be given first opportunity to book specialist classes and events.

If a member pays for a number of hours per week, do these hours have to be used up in predetermined shifts?

Members will be free to come at any time during studio hours, we are working on the basis of trust.

Are there tools available in the studio for use by members, both hand-builders and throwers?

No, there are no shared tools. Each member is expected to have their own tools. We will have a selection of tools for sale and we will have an order and delivery service for specialised tools at wholesale prices.

Is there a slab roller for hand-builders?

Yes there is, very red, very new and very fantastic!

Can hand-builders use the throwing wheels and can throwers use hand-building facilities?

Absolutely! In fact we want to encourage all members to try all methods…Freedom of choice is what we are after.

On which days and times can I come in?

Members have access at all times. Non members can book their hours online on the studio calendar.

How do I make sure that I have a workstation when I want to come in?

If you have a Makers membership you will have a dedicated space and access to a dedicated wheel (if you chose this option).

For other members it is on a first come basis and places cannot be reserved. We do have ample wheels and stations and we will limit the memberships to optimise access for all members.

I would like a part-time membership, but that means that I won’t have my own shelf. Should I take my work home in between visits?

You have the possibility of renting a shelf for you tools, clay and work. This will be added to your membership if required by you. At the ceramic centre we will have shared storage space for work in the damp room or on the ware shelves but of course sometimes there might not be enough space for everyones work so it is always good to have a shelf.

I want more hours than a full or part time membership but I do not want to commit to a makers space, how can I do that? Can I take 2 full time memberships? Or can I share a makers membership?

As a community driven shared studio we want to give access to as many people as possible so we will only only allow a single person a single membership. If as a full time or part time member you would like more studio hours you can buy blocks of hours at discounted rates. We want to be as supportive and flexible as possible but the bills still need to be paid!

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