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(3 days)

12/13/14 April

10:00- 17:00 (we stop working at 16:30 to clean up and discuss the day)

330,00 euro (non-members)

280,00 (members)

Lunch and refreshments are included

10kg Porcelain included

Max 12 people

Porcelain is the ‘Diva’ of all clays. She wants to be treated with respect and she will let you know when you don’t live up to her wishes”, these are the words of the porcelain artist Antoinette Badenhorst.

Nora Nuyts  of Studio Keramiek is a well respected ceramicist whose passion for and mastery of porcelain have made her a sought after throwing instructor.

During this 3 day workshop Nora will share the theory, history and origin of porcelain as well as illustrate the amazing versatility of this brilliant clay. At the wheel she demonstrates techniques that help you avoid the common pitfalls of porcelain and gives you tips on how to coax your design from the clay.

Finally through repeated exercises you build the muscle memory to throw with intent and success.


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