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Throwing or Handbuilding?

We offer throwing courses for all levels: Click on the link below for a schedule of classes.

Missed a throwing course lesson? Up to 2 missed lessons can be caught up.

We have catch up lessons on selected Monday evenings or Saturday afternoons.

Please click on the Plan tab for the studio calendar and sign up.

Practice sessions are booked on a separate link please note that these are only for students currently enrolled in our 8 week courses.

Flexles and Clay Club have a 5 day cancellation period for a full refund.

We cannot reschedule these classes as they are very popular.

As a rule 

Beginners  Level 1= up to 600g of clay (cylinders). Introduction to clay. Use of slips and 1 layer of glaze.

Beginners Level 2= up to 1000g of clay (cylinders and bowls). Further knowledge of clay. Use of slips and multiple layers of glaze

Intermediate Level 3= up to 2000g of clay (cylinders, bowls, plates), use of slips, under glazes and multiple layers of glaze. Advanced understanding of clay types including which types are most suitable for particular projects.

Intermediate Level 4: Development of a personal style. Throwing with intent and consistency. Mastery of repetetive forms. Entry level understanding of glaze chemistry.

It is also important that you make the time for your free practice sessions included. These help you to build muscle memory and focus on the areas that you need to spend the time on. 

     Throwing classes include:

  • Instruction in English
  • Demonstrations by the teacher
  • Classes of 3 hours
  • Independent practice sessions of 3 hours (book here
  • Free Firing (bisque and glaze)
  • Gorgeous selection of slips and studio glazes
  • Tools are NOT included but can be purchased on the first day
  • Missed a class book a catch up lesson (on studio calendar)
  • Studio clay included

    Class Level Key:

    • Level 1: Beginners 1 (newbie)
    • Level 2: Beginners 2: limited experience needs guidance to build confidence
    • Level 3: Intermediate, understands the basic steps, looking to strengthen technique
    • Level 4:  Advanced can make intended forms easily, ready to learn develop a personal style

workshops & Masterclasses

Experiment, experience, refine and elevate your skills with technique focused workshops & masterclasses.

Each workshop or masterclass is taught by a recognised professional ceramicist with deep expertise and unparalleled teaching ability. These specialised courses are designed to deliver tips, techniques and best practice in a particular area of focus. Each workshop or masterclass is standalone experience by combining them at your own pace you will have a deep and balanced skill set. 

Masterclasses are based on 7 hour days and include lunch (vegetarian) and all refreshments.

Workshops are typically 6 hours long and do not include lunch (they do include coffee, tea and cookies of course

All materials are provided please bring your own tools, an apron, towels and your own plastic bags or containers to store and protect your work.



Take a look at our new hand-building courses.

All levels are welcome from beginners to advanced as we work individually based on what you need and want to achieve. 

Classes are small with 8 people maximum so that you get the support and coaching necessary for success and enjoyment. 

Our teachers have had years of teaching pottery to international students and lessons are taught in English with Dutch translation if needed. 

Practice makes perfect, so we include 16 hours of independent practice time so that you can work on your project at your convenience. 

We have priced the courses so that they are within reach of almost every budget. If you are 12 or older then one of these course might change your life for the good!

Coming soon...

We have a small number of courses as our studio concentrates on members....If you would like private lessons or workshops we can try to find an instructor to work with you.

We are busy making a schedule for our future courses. Here is a short list of what we are planning:

Beginners Wheel:

Intensive Beginners Weekend (Wheel Levels 1 & 2):


Refining the Wheel:

Intensive Intermediate Weekends (Levels 2 & 3)

Ikebana Vases (Multi Disciplinary & Wheel): 3 part: Intermediate and Advanced


Handbuilding Multidisciplinary Intensive

2-day Hand-building Tapas Workshop (all levels)

Master Classes: Sold out

April 2024: Passion for Porcelain: Nora Nuyts

The Glaze Lab: Camille

Glaze Chemistry: creating custom finishes


We update the courses every month if you would like to make suggestions or private bookings please contact us…. info@theceramiccentre.com

Our new adventure in France begins....wood firing

This is the wood firing kiln in Neuilly-en Sancerre, it is a multi chamber chamber kiln called a Noborigama, or climbing kiln. This style of kiln was developed in Japan to increase efficiency and predictability in the firing results. 

The magic of wood firing is the natural beauty of ash glazes that cannot be duplicated with gas or electric kilns.

In Neuilly we will be doing wood firing and residencies for potters who are passionate about alternative firing.

For more information please write to


Class waitlist

Please fill out the form below to join our class waitlist. If a vacancy comes up we will contact you before the class.