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We have a small carefully curated clay selection for sale to the public and for members. Please take care of the following attributes when choosing a clay.

Please note we do not ship all clay is for pick up only.

purpose: Hand-building, Sculpture, Raku, Throwing, Casting or a combination/modification of these methods

size of piece or project: Larger scales require more strength and less shrnkage, this normally means a clay with more or coarser grog

firing range/cone: for most uses a mid fire stoneware clay is the first choice but sometimes higher or lower firing clays are desirable

colour and texture: The colour and texture of fired clay can vary from the raw mass and will affect the colour and finish of the glazed areas.

Clay for the

These are clays that are suitable for throwing on the wheel. Please remember the plasticity of the wheel friendly clays can vary so you should also consider your level of expertise and the type of vessel being made.

Clay for


These are clays that are suitable for handbuilding. 

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