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Terre de Xing: 10kg

Smooth stoneware 

Developed in 2009, with the stoneware clays of Puisaye, Xing works for the spirit of Yixing in China, capital of the teapot.

Real clay that gets tanned by the infusions, no need to glaze it, its color is enough.

With Xing, find the immutable softness of the polyaudine clay and the ferruginous character of the local clay. Containing grains of a sublime french kaolin, Xing has a facilitating structure, for a wide use of shaping modes, including Yixing.

Xing, very plastic, is polishable like a sigile.

You will get at 1220 you get a soft brick red, 1240°C a dark brick red, then at 1260°C a burgundy red.

Beyond that, the iron turns into a red brown at most 1270°C.

Do not make a reduction, since Fe2O3 is sublime in black magnetite.


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