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Sibelco WMS2002GG: Cement Grey 10kg

A fine grained cement look, good with translucent glazes. A natural grey body with a soft speckle, perfect for throwing.
Sibelco Scandi Throwing (Bretongrau 2002)  A creamy, smooth texture that is very soft and forgiving to handle, excellent plasticity with 20% grog/chamotte of 0,2mm. Handles well with high plasticity and is very forgiving on the wheel and in handbuilding.

Working notes: A clay to be adored by all throwers. Bisque fires to an unusual lilac grey then at higher temperatures turns to a taupe grey with a soft dark speckle, giving it a Scandinavian tone. It works well with semi-translucent glazes allowing the character to show through.

Texture – Smooth
Fired colour – Taupe Grey
Ideal bisque – 999°C
Glaze range -1200°C to 1250°C
Shrinkage – 1200°C – 8.3% (Please refer to Technical Data Sheet for further information)
Grog – 20%, 0.2mm sized grain

Ideal for throwing.


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