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Sibelco Studio White: 2510

Stoneware: Excellent basic for handbuilding. Dry to the touch with crumbling and rough texture. Good glaze compatibility.

Good for handbuilding but not recommended for throwing as the grog is up to 1mm. Cover with a damp cloth while working and use a spray bottle to keep in moist as it is very fast drying and prone to cracking.

Friring temperature: 1000°C – 1280°C
Chamotte: 0 – 1,0 mm, 25%
Shrinkage wet to dry: 4,8%

Firing shrinkage:
@ 1140°C – 4,5%
@ 1200°C – 5%
@ 1280°C – 5%

@ 1140°C – 4,2%
@ 1200°C – 3%
@ 1280°C – 1%

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