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Brazil: 0,5mm grog: 12,5kg

Red stoneware Brasil grog 40% 0-0,5 mm – BRASIL005

Pleasant texture, very beautiful shard pink garnet at 1050°C, red in raw, red garnet/ hematite in oxidation.

Clay widely used for modeling and sculpture.

Very nice pink at 1050°C.

Suitable for both professionals and amateurs.

This Red Stoneware is suitable for potters seeking high fired clay.

Fine textured makes it excellent for throwing large pieces, hand building without the fear of slumping.

It can also be used as a Red Raku body.

With outstanding plasticity and the right amount of tooth makes it resistant to warping, cracking and thermal shock.

At 1100°C – 1180°C firing yields a brick red colour.

Increasing the temperature to 1220°C-1260°C the colour gradually darkens to rich reddish brown.


T° Bisqueware / 980°C (1796°F)

T° Firing / 1050-1270°C (1922-2318°F)


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